Training break of the Kings - Lockdown in Odense Zoo

Submitted by Ulrike Buschewski on Tue, 07/07/2020 - 13:18
Kenneth Sørensen currently has to wear a face shield when training the penguins.

Kenneth Sørensen, PhD student at the University of Southern Denmark, trains 2 King Penguins at Odense Zoo for the on-air hearing tests. Due to renovation work and the lockdown, the training had to be paused. Kenneth reports how it is slowly going back to normality:

Things have been a bit chaotic in the zoo in March and April. The zoo moved and quarantined the penguins just prior to the lockdown (due to Covid-19) because they had to paint and make new epoxy floors in the entire enclosure. And the lockdown consequently slowed down the renovation process and it was pulled for an entire month. The penguins were moved back few weeks ago and are still pretty stressed out. But things have started to turn and hopefully we can get back on track very soon. The zoo administration has been great, and they allow me to work with the penguins in spite of the lockdown. I need to wear a face cover and I need to keep a distance to the zookeepers, but it seems to work out. I can however not bring other people inside the enclosure (including our department craftsman) so I am currently teaching myself how to build/rebuild our sound proofed box to further reduce the background noise inside. Loads of work but it is better than being trapped at home all day.