Winners of the music hackathon Your Ocean Sound

Submitted by Cora Albrecht on Wed, 04/21/2021 - 17:26
Musik-Hackathon Your Ocean Sound

The winners of the music hackathon Your Ocean Sound have been elected! The variety of entries was really great and our jury had a hard time to choose the best compositions. Especially on the front places it was head-to-head, but now the TOP 10 is chosen and you can listen to the 3 winning songs. All received compositions will be published in the data portal very soon.


1st place: Penguin-Dive // Hanna Brühwiler

Audio file

2nd place: Under Water // Kabel Trace

Audio file

3rd place: Singing Ice // Artur Sommerfeld

Audio file


4th place: Lost in Sound // Alexandra Tamayo, Cathal Kerins

5th place: Die Lärmparade // Francisca Rocha Goncalves

6th place: Seirênes // Edoardo Micheli

7th place: Ocean Ears // Mariella Laubengeiger, Paul Linke

8th place: Understanding Vessel Strikes // Andrew Rahman

9th place: Weddell Seal & Whale Singing // Julius Stucke

10th place: Sealmates // Maren Böhme